Working one-on-one with professionals to develop and enhance leadership skills is at the core of my coaching practice. Together we’ll develop your specific roadmap for achieving increased fluidity and agility across a range of professional development areas:

  • Career growth
  • Productivity
  • Trust
  • Influence
  • Assertiveness
  • Empathy

My group training sessions create practical, engaging and productive opportunities for teams to learn and apply new skills for leadership and effective communication.

To practice and cement the skills learned in training, I employ role-playing exercises, on-the-spot coaching and will often use video recording to help participants:

  • See their learning in realtime
  • Apply new techniques for effective communication and feedback
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Foster open discussion and dialogue
  • Empower the group to construct a roadmap for further development
  • Improve interpersonal skills
  • Learn better strategies for conflict resolution

I am also available as a speaker on leadership and strategies for communication at events, conferences and corporate retreats. 

Bringing clients together for workshops, retreats and special events allows us to create unique opportunities for experiential learning and network building outside the normal channels. Through my leadership coaching and workshops, I participate in many events geared towards senior executives, entrepreneurs and young professionals.

Please contact me to learn more and discuss which events are right for you and your organization.