Aaron has been my management coach since I became an APM at Google two years ago. Since then, he’s had a significantly positive effect on my skills as a product manager and as a leader. Specifically, he’s helped me become more effective in my abilities to convey ideas clearly to large groups, to improve group communication during meetings and brainstorms, and to navigate difficult dynamics when they inevitably arise. His teachings have been valuable for my personal relationships as well.

For these reasons, I have already recommended Aaron as a coach for my peers, and would continue to recommend him as a coach for anyone.
— Associate Product Manager at Google

As a professional snowboarder, I go through a lot of ups and downs and Aaron is there for me 100%. He helps me through the tough times and roots for me during the good times. Not only does he help me with just my career but with all aspects of my life outside of snowboarding such as school or personal obstacles. He is always there to guide me throughout it all no mater what the problem is or where I am in the world. He helps me get mentally prepared for contest through easy to remember exercises and gets me in the positive state of mind that I need to be in to perform at my fullest potential. I’ve noticed that because of Aaron, I have made many positive changes to my lifestyle that has significantly impacted me for the better. And I promise, that it isn’t all because that after I started working with Aaron that I began winning more contest and landing new tricks. His coaching has made me more confident in myself. He helps me to discover what is holding me back so that I can move forward and achieve the success I desire. I am a better snowboarder and human being because of the guidance and coaching I receive from Aaron. I wouldn’t be where I am today without him.
— Summer Fenton, Professional Snowboarder

Aaron provides mindset and mental conditioning to our corporate clientele alongside supporting our elite athletes with the mental skills to succeed in their chosen sports. Aaron also works specifically with our staff to continually refine our coaching communication skills/content delivery.

He is such a great teacher and has amazing skills in his field of expertise.
We are fortunate to have a talented specialist such as Aaron supporting our program in the area of mindset.
— Simon Fathers, Owner at S.F.P.T

Bottom line: Aaron is a talented coach who has helped me improve in a variety of ways.

I’ve been fortunate to have Aaron as my coach for the past two years. During that time, he’s helped me become a clearer communicator, a more confident leader, and figure out how to tackle some of the hardest challenges in my career. Each time we meet, I come away with new skills to practice and plans of action.

I’ve recommended Aaron to a number of colleagues who are looking to excel at their jobs and become the leaders that they want to me. I would recommend him to anyone trying to do the same.
— Group Product Manager at Oracle/Opower

Aaron is a truly excellent coach. My team has worked with Aaron for about 2 years in both one-on-one coaching settings and group workshops, and he has always very clearly brought value to our interactions and sessions. His flexibility, generosity, and passion for what he does makes him a pleasure to work with.
— Nicole Halmi, Communications and Operations Lead, Neon Labs

Through Aaron’s knowledge, experience and engaging personality, he is able to help people open up to new ideas within their communication and presentation styles. I’ve seen his clients make incredible positive deep shifts in how they engage with the world, how they present themselves and even more fundamentally, how they see themselves. His abilities allow people to let down their walls of self protection and play in new ways in order to effectively grow.
— Sandy Schultz Hessler, Founder and Director of the Start Up Intensive, Jackson, WY; previously Assistant Dean at Harvard Kennedy School; Co-founder of Imagitas, Inc.